Do you have an injury that is stopping you moving? 

Is it affecting your sport, work and life? 

Get an accurate diagnosis and rehabilitation plan using a whole person approach! 

Sports Physiotherapy

Our Physiotherapy team enjoy treating sports people from weekend warriors to elite athletes. Our team will diagnose your injury and provide you with clear actionable steps for you to return to sport in the shortest amount of time. Take the first step today and see one of our team members. 

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Spinal pain can be painful and disabling leaving you unable to do the things you enjoy. Too busy to be unable to move? Or have you lost confidence in your back?  Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled and treat neck and back pain. Our service is unique as we use a biopsychosocial approach  to identify and address your spinal pain. At WA Health Group we are proud to offer a holistic approach and we use a collaborative team approach to ensure you get the best care and solution to your health problem. Treatment can include mobilisation, massage, exercise, dry needling and taping.

Home Services

Research suggests that we need to maintain our mobility and keep exercising for optimal health. Our physiotherapists are trained to assess elderly clients for their risk of falling, prescribe walking aids and devices, and prescribe simple strengthening and balance exercises which assists with elderly clients maintaining their mobility longer. Mobility assessments are best done in our clients’s normal surroundings. Our physiotherapists are able to visit clients in their homes, retirement villages or nursing homes to complete an assessment. We offer this service throughout the metropolitan area. 

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